•               Get Out Now

  • The good news is that you can get out now.


    No one can get out for you.

    But more interestingly, no one can stop you from getting out.


    How can you get out?

    Now the conversation gets interesting...


    Modern civilization's rule of law leads directly to the extermination of life on Earth.

    Anyone abiding by modern civilization's rule of law is criminally insane.

    Anyone enforcing modern civilization's rule of law has already forfeited their life.


    There is an obvious set of laws which creates regenerative cultures.

    Modern culture will never switch to regenerative next-culture laws.

    But you can.

    You don't have to wait anymore for modern culture to get responsible.

    It won't. It cannot. Modern culture has been hijacked.


    You can change your mind about abiding by modern culture laws.

    You can switch allegiance.

    Anyone can switch to next culture by leaving modern culture's laws behind and abiding by the set of laws that create regenerative cultures.

    A regenerative culture renews ecosystems, sequesters carbon, and supports people's initiations into authentic adulthood so they can unfold and deliver their true gifts for the benefit of the village.

    How do you get from where you are now to next culture?

    One step at a time.


    Once you start, the shift will happen faster than you think.

    It is pretty obvious that you cannot get out alone.

    Fortunately there are people all around the world who are already out and who are experienced and inspired to help you make your steps.

    In next culture we help each other to get out, get healed, and get initiated.

    It's the main focus of the culture.

    Every step of the way builds matrix in you for holding more consciousness.

    The more consciousness you build the less you can stay in modern culture.

    This means that by playing in the StartOver game you are getting out!

    What do you get into if you get out of modern culture?

    This is the great fear... that you will be lost and alone.

    But the fear is based on a superstition.

    The superstition is that the world is flat.

    By using the flat world map you are certain that if you leave known territory you will fall off the Earth and die. This is a frightening idea.

    Why are you still using this idea?

    We now have a round world map available.

    You can change your mind about which thoughtmap you use.

    You can shift to using a round world thoughtmap.

    On the round world thoughtmap you can sail as far away as you want from known territory and you CANNOT fall off.

  • On the flatworld thoughtmap, everyone knows that if you sail away from known territory you will fall off and die.

    This thoughtmap created Europe.

    People would be born, grow up, live their lives, and die, all within a fifteen kilometer radius. Think about the diversity of languages, customs, clothing, rituals that developed in Europe all within walking distance of each other. How could such diversity evolve?

    Only if the villages were separated from each other.

    What separated European villages?

    There is no Atlantic Ocean separating the people. There is no Grand Canyon or Himalayan mountain range.

    What kept Europeans separated?

    The fear of leaving known territory.

    In other words, they used the flatworld thoughtmap.

    There was a man living on the small island of Mallorca who had never seen the ocean. When his grandson asked him why not, he explained, "The ocean is a long distance from my home. My donkey is not used to carrying me such long distances. To get to the ocean I would have to beat my donkey, and I do not want to beat my donkey..."


    Some five-hundred years ago a new thoughtmap was invented: the round world map.

    The valuable information from the flat world maps were retained with one addition: that the planet Earth is spherical.

    This new thoughtmap offered many new features to the user such as: more room to move, further horizons, more dimensions, more ways to connect, more territories to connect to.


    Do you get new possibilities when you change your thoughtmaps? Yes. Certainly.


    Does the world itself change when you change your thoughtmaps? No. Of course not.


    How can you get new possibilities if the world itself does not change?


    Human beings do not interact with the world as it is. We interact with the world through our thoughtmaps of the world.

    When you get a new thoughtmap, you get a new world!

  • Bill of Wrongs


    The Bill of Wrongs:

    1. forbids modern civilization’s rule of law
    2. forbids ownership of land by anything other than the nanonation commons
    3. forbids ownership of resources
    4. forbids monetizing natural capital
    5. forbids corporate personhood
    6. forbids copyright
    7. forbids patents
    8. forbids hiring employees or working as an employee
    9. forbids hierarchical power structures
    10. forbids public schools
    11. forbids win-lose games
    12. forbids externalizing environmental costs or social costs
    13. forbids profit
    14. forbids financial gambling
    15. forbids renting money (interest)
    16. forbids paid lobbyists
    17. forbids paid politicians
    18. forbids absentee ownership (stockholders, landlords, ownership of multiple homes)
    19. forbids franchises
    20. forbids toxic wastes
    21. forbids weapons of mass destruction
    22. forbids armed or armored vehicles (land, sea, air, or space)
    23. forbids any weapon with an effective range over one kilometer
    24. forbids disposables
    25. forbids brands
    26. forbids beliefs
    27. and forbids lawyers.

    The Bill of Wrongs does not pretend to abide by natural law, because natural law can be construed to allow parasites, gangsters, vampires, zombies, ghouls, blackmail, corruption, manipulation, revenge, power over, cancers, disease viruses, survival-of-the-fittest concepts, psychopaths, and acts of God. And, if you have ever seen hungry frigate birds snatch up and swallow freshly-hatched baby sea turtles scuttling frantically and defenselessly towards the ocean waves, you know that nature can be construed to allow terrorists too.

  • What sort of experiences would you have in a culture that adopted the Bill of Wrongs?






  • Giving People a Choice... Start with You

    How to make a living making a difference during nonlinear transition.

    Peter Merry from Ubiquity University

    Clear instructions for shifting into being your true value in action.

  • How to Get Out Now?


    This is how you get out:

    Develop the skills and qualities of someone who gets out.

    What are those skills and qualities?

    The same skills and qualities that are developed while playing StartOver.

    1. Take your 5 Bodies back.
    2. Take your Center back.
    3. Take your 3 Powers back. 
    4. Take your Voice back.
    5. Learn to Hold and Navigate Space.
    6. Learn to experientially detect Purpose: Bright Principles and Shadow Principles.
    7. Learn to get Present in a small NOW.
    8. Learn to feel your Feelings and Emotions consciously. Phase 1.
    9. Learn to apply your FEELINGS for handling things and your EMOTIONS for healing things. Phase 2.
    10. Learn to Inner Navigate your Feelings and Emotions to engage Authentic Adulthood and Archetypal Initiations.
    11. Find the Adult Ego State.
    12. Go through the Adult Ego State to the Archetypal domains.
    13. Bring your Gremlin to your side and start giving him interesting jobs to do.




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